Another year has passed, and a new year has begun – 2016! As we begin this new year, many people have already made their new year’s resolutions. Each year people commit to losing weight, dropping a bad habit, spending more time with family, picking up a new hobby, or getting out of debt. We like to think about the new year as a clean slate and a chance to start over. Have you sat down and written out your resolutions? As you take time to consider 2016 and all that will unfold over the next 366 days, have you set aside time to consider some resolutions for your spiritual life?

What do you want to accomplish spiritually this year? Make a commitment to be closer to God at the end of 2016 than at the beginning. But a commitment like this does not accidentally come to pass. How can you prevent your spiritual resolutions from dropping out of mind over the next few weeks like so many of our resolutions often do?

1. Write down specific goals.

What do you want to see done in your life? Has your devotion time with the Lord been lacking? Do you see the need to spend more time in prayer and Bible reading? Maybe you desire to be more faithful to church, or you want to give more than you ever have before. Whatever the desire is, make sure to write down exactly what it is.

2. Take this goal to the Lord in prayer.

Although this goal does need to be realistic, you do not want to discount faith as a part of it. For example, let’s say you want to read through the Bible. Don’t set a goal of 2 weeks, but don’t set out for 3 years either! Trust God to help you as you reach toward your goal.

3. Set the plan to reach this goal.

It has been said that if it doesn’t get scheduled, then it doesn’t get done. How true that can be in our lives! This year will be just as busy a year as we have ever had. There are always plenty of items to attract our attention away from the important things in our lives. Do not let your spiritual goals be something that fall to the wayside. Set a plan of action for you to achieve your goal each day. If you are going to read through the Bible in a year, then make sure to set up a time each day to spend with God. Make it a priority!

4. Ask God to give you strength each day to accomplish this goal.

Everything that we do as Christians is a spiritual matter. So, take each goal to the Lord and ask Him for the strength to accomplish it. There is no doubt that He wants to have a closer walk with you this year. Therefore, the answer to your prayer is already “Yes!” He is just waiting on you to set aside some time to make Him a priority this year!

What will 2016 hold? Only the Lord knows, but let’s choose to make it a year that brings us closer to Him!