Have you ever had an elevator door close on you? If it was an older elevator the door might have closed on your arm, your leg or ½ your body. The bottom line is that you were not all in. Because you were not all in, the elevator was not operable. The elevator could not operate until you were all in or all out!

When our children were young, just about any elevator that our family rode on, my husband would put his hands on both doors and push the doors open with all his strength and our kids thought their Dad was the strongest man in the whole world! The elevator could not operate until the doors were freed from “the strongest dad in the world.”

Matthew 15:1-20 describes a group of people who were not all in. That group is the Scribes and Pharisees. They had religion but they didn’t have a relationship with Jesus. They had traditions, but they did not enjoy time with the Savior. The Scribes and Pharisees didn’t get it. They didn’t understand. They chose not to be teachable. They were not all in. I encourage you to read these verses with the thought of being all in. What lessons can be learned from this group of religious people?

The meaning of ‘all’ is used to refer to the whole quantity. An even better meaning of all is the old saying, “All means all and that’s all all can mean.” The meaning of ‘in’ is used to indicate location or position within something. It is easy to consider my body being all in the elevator; however, it’s a different thought to consider if I am all in on a spiritual level. Let’s consider a few areas of being all in:

  1. BE ALL IN spiritually. You must have a close walk with the Lord if you are going to be a spiritual Christian. A spiritual Christian grows in Christ, walks with Him daily and desires His will to be done in their lives. Remember, you cannot be spiritual if you do not develop a spiritual appetite. Be all in!
  2. BE ALL IN motivationally. Be motivated about serving Christ in your local church. What can you accomplish for Christ through the ministry that God has allowed you to participate in. Do your part from the bottom of your heart and with everything you have! Give all! Be all in!
  3. BE ALL IN in your leadership. Every one of us leads someone. Who do you lead? The children in your Sunday School Class? Your own children? Your grandchildren? Your co-workers? Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe and Who you believe in. Be all in!
  4. BE ALL IN in your inreach. People in your local church need you. Get to know someone that you do not know. Be their friend. Reach out to them. Pray for them. Love them. Encourage them. Be all in!
  5. BE ALL IN in your outreach. Tell people about Jesus. Each of us has a testimony if we have been born again. Give a gospel tract to people whose paths you cross. Never be ashamed to stand for Christ. He died for our sins and rose again that we might go to Heaven to be with Him! Be all in!

Almost every Sunday I ride the elevator at our church with our two oldest grandchildren. One pushes the button on the outside to call the elevator. We enter the elevator, and then the second child pushes the button inside to tell the elevator to go down to the first floor. Every time we ride all three of us completely get on the elevator. Why? Because the elevator doesn’t operate unless we are all in.

Do you live by the elevator concept? Are you all in?