All of us have been in a hospital room either with our own new born baby or visiting someone else who has just added a new member to their family. It is always a special time that brings out the best in the new parents. Each set of parents expresses their emotions and joy in various ways. All of them alter their voice in some strange fashion (as if the baby can understand them any better) to speak to the baby and tell him how cute he is, or they make strange noises and faces just to try to get a response from the little one. I am sure many parents have closed in tight to the face of their little one and expressed to them how they want them to one day love the Lord and serve Him. However, among all of the things that parents have communicated to their babies, probably all parents share one thing in common, no father or mother has every lovingly said with a tear in their eye, “baby, when you grow up, we want you to be a rebel against everything we teach you or train you to do.”

Although no parent would utter such a phrase to their children, it is ironic that many parents live a life that leads their children to rebel both against them and God. While I understand that it is ultimately the choice of every child to do either right or wrong, there are some rules that parents can follow if they want to guide their child toward a path of rebellion.

1. Demean the actions and decisions of the Pastor and church staff.

2. Defend your child and his disobedient actions when an adult lovingly approaches you.

3. Decide that church is only a priority most of the time in your family.

4. Devote more time to “providing” for your child and less time playing with them.

5. Downplay spiritual decisions made by your child but highlight other accomplishments.

6. Defer every question your child has with the answer, “just do it because I said so.”

7. Develop a closer relationship with your golfing buddy (or another friend) than with your child.

8. Demonstrate a carnal Christian lifestyle then expect your child to live godly in spite of your negative influence.

9. Dedicate yourself completely to your job so that when you get home you can detach yourself from your family and just relax and focus on yourself.

10. Deny your child the opportunity to have a parent who daily prays for and constantly invests in the spiritual future of their child.