“I glued it back together,” Mama will say.  My mom can fix anything with a little bit of glue.  She believes in that stuff.  She will try to glue anything at least once.  One of her foundational statements is, “Doctors even use glue to close up a person after surgery.”  We have laughed for many years about Mama and her glue, but the truth is, I’m a little like her myself.  Glue is awesome stuff!

What is it about glue?  It’s such an inexpensive product, yet it is needed and used by everyone.  It is used for crafts and it is used for necessities.  It is the ingredients that make glue so special.  Glue is simply an adhesive substance used for sticking objects or materials together. Certain types of glues are stronger than others.  There is an infomercial that is so funny to me because it is advertised as sticking heavy objects together immediately.  It probably works and if it were cheap enough I might just order some and try it out.

I have learned a secret about gluing stuff together. There must be proper pressure applied in the right areas for the glue to work.  For example, you can glue a picture frame back together at the corners, but if you don’t apply pressure on those corners, the frame remains broken.

As a mom, I’m always looking for glue to hold our family together.  It takes the ingredients of family glue along with proper pressure for the glue to take hold. This is not a new philosophy for me.  As our family grew from 2, to 3, to 4, to 5, it was important that we all enjoy being together and look forward to special times planned with each other.  Then, as our family grew from 5 to 6, to 7, to 8, family emphasis remained a priority.  Now with 5 “Cute Kids” in our lives what another family depth to grow through and experience! It is my desire for our family to be held together by the strongest glue possible as we are now 4 distinct families yet we are also a whole.  Let’s look at an acrostic to help you think of glue possibilities for your family.

Give of your time, talents and treasures.  It takes all three mixed with a giving spirit for family to gain from being together.  Give of your time to plan activities and meals.  Give of your talents to use your resources for quality conversation.  Give of your treasures as you get a minute here or there. Do something age appropriate and give of your time, talents and treasures.

Love unconditionally.  It doesn’t matter how your spouse, your child, your in law, or your grandchildren respond to you.  It matters how you respond to them.  Jesus loves us unconditionally.  He loves people who are very different than He is.  He accepts us even though we are selfish, unlovable, and not accepting of others by nature. Let’s unconditionally love the people we love the most.  Placing conditions on our love causes us to be partial towards some family members.  This is noticeable and is very hurting to other family members.  It will result in a breakdown in the family glue.  Want a close family?  Apply unconditional love.

Understand the perspective of the other family members.  The way you do something is not the only way it can be done.  Remind yourself that your husband and you were not reared in th same home.  Your son and daughter in laws were not reared in your home.  Pick up a few new tips that will help you to do something fresh.  Understanding the ones who make up the family you love is an ingredient in family glue that holds hearts together and touches lives in a real and loving manner.

Enjoy time together.  It is easy to plan time to be together, to spend money for a meal, to work diligently on the plans, and then, to be so busy and distant when family time comes that you don’t enjoy any quality time at all.  Talk, laugh, listen, and learn your family individually and as a whole, for enjoyment is an ingredient in family glue that is a lasting hold!

There are so many other words that could fit in the acrostic of G.L.U.E.  What are the ingredients in the glue that holds your family together? What makes your G.L.U.E. special? Write them down and continually work on your family G.L.U.E.!