As of December 19, 2015 my life would be forever different. Daddy, who was married to my mom for 65 years, who reared me, provided for me until marriage, loved me until the present went home to be with Jesus. Daddy had congestive heart failure and his decline was evident; however, it is difficult to truly be prepared for such finality as death.

Remembering is a wonderful blessing as my daddy was a Christian man. He loved to sing and he led congregational singing at his church for as long as I can remember. I can hear his voice clearly as I write this article. He was a quiet man but he came alive when it was time to lead singing or to sing in a quartet of men or a duet with my mom.

Daddy was a good provider. He worked hard on his job and set the example for us to put in a full day’s work for your pay, to be on time, to work late if needed and to honor your boss.

Daddy loved his girls and provided a safe home growing up. We had our needs met and many of our wants. Daddy and Mama made sure that we were in church 3 times per week and attended any extra-curricular activities at our church.

This year Father’s Day will be different for me. Many of you celebrate without your dad on this earth as well. We must remember and we must move forward.

1.  Thank the Lord for your upbringing. Even if it is not what you thought it should be, thank the Lord anyway. He wants you to bring glory to Him through what He has allowed.

2.  Honor your dad. The Bible clearly tells us to “Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;)” Ephesians 6:2. Honor and respect go hand in hand. There are 2 types of respect: entitled respect and earned respect. If your dad hasn’t earned your respect, give respect to him anyway because he is your dad.

3.  Learn from your dad. There are lessons to be learned all around us. Some lessons can be learned from what should not have happened in your life. Do not allow history to repeat itself. Some lessons can be learned from what was great in your growing up years. Treasure those moments and allow history to repeat itself.

Yes, this Father’s Day is a different one for me; but, I must go forward, knowing that God wants me to grow through what He has allowed in my life. You must move forward as well.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! I know you are enjoying your first one in Heaven!