Each summer, our church provides the opportunity for our teenagers to go to a summer youth conference. This year, we will be going to the Shawnee Baptist Youth Conference held in Louisville, KY, at the Shawnee Baptist Church. God has greatly used this conference in our teenagers’ lives over the past few years, and we are praying for Him to do the same again this year. Here’s four reasons why you should consider sending your teenager to Shawnee Baptist Youth Conference this summer.

1. Hear great preaching (and a lot of it).
One of the reasons I love Shawnee is because of the emphasis on the preaching of God’s Word. In three days, your teenager will hear fourteen different messages from God’s Word. It is an intense amount of preaching, and God has chosen to honor preaching. During these three days, your teenager will hear from men of God as they proclaim the truth of God’s Word, and God has literally changed lives over those three days through the truth that they have heard. John 17:17 says, “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.” God’s Word is to your soul as water is to your body.

2. Get out of their comfort zone.
Every one can get comfortable in their normal routine. For example, it can become habitual to wake up on Sunday morning and put our “Sunday best” on and head to church. Park in the same spot. Sit in the same pew. Thus, we think we hear the same message. There is something powerful and unique about getting outside of our comfort zone. This week long youth conference will help get your teenager out of their comfort zone. They will be in a different setting, with different teenagers from around the country, listening to different preachers, and sleeping in a different bed. Use this opportunity to shake up their summer and get them out of their comfort zone.

3. Develop relationships in our youth ministry.
When you talk to your teen about attending Shawnee Baptist Youth Conference, they might say something like this: “But I don’t really know anybody that will be going.” In their minds, that is a great reason not to go. However, I would say that is a great reason to go. This trip will provide them the opportunity to branch out and develop relationships with other teenagers in our church. This week has been so beneficial to our teenagers in developing Christian friendships. Last year, we took over 50 teens with us, and no doubt, friendships were formed that are still paying dividends from that trip.

4. Have fun.
No doubt about it — we have fun. The bus ride provides time of laughter and fellowship. Time in the hotel room with a group of friends provides a great opportunity for memories. Tuesday morning, Shawnee Baptist Church rents out a local waterpark and we get to have a blast for several hours that morning. On Thursday, we go to Kentucky Kingdom, an amusement park in Louisville and spend all day riding rollercoasters and other attractions. During the services there are games, skits, and hilarious videos. Every time you turn around, more fun is taking place. I think it is a great thing for teenagers to see that the Christian life is a blast! I make no apologies that we love to have a great time while away at youth conference!

Truthfully, I could continue to give reasons as to why your teenager should attend Shawnee Baptist Youth Conference. Your teenager will reap so many blessings from their time spent around God’s Word and with other Christian teenagers. If you have any questions about it, please contact me, and I would love to answer your questions. You must register by Wednesday, June 29 to receive the discounted rate of $200. After June 29, it will be $220.