I am so thankful as your pastor for every member of our church.  I rejoice that God led you to be a part of our fellowship.  As you went through my Basic Bible Truths Class, you heard me say that we believe that every member should be a minister.

Each one of us was saved to serve.  Our attitude should be, “Lord, let me serve.”  I believe that He has a place in the ministries of Beacon Baptist Church for each and every one of us to fulfill.  We do not all have the same spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities, but we all have at least one which was given to us to help our church body function at its greatest effectiveness and efficiency (Romans 12:3-21; I Corinthians 12;1-31; Ephesians 4:11-16).

These passages make it clear that there are to be no spectators in our local church.  We are all to be participators.  Every member has a significant role to fulfill and there are no insignificant members.  You are to be a part of the workers doing the work of the Lord through this local church.

Also, all the members of the local church body must work in synchronization with the other members.  There must be cooperation as well as participation.  This is essential to operate at full throttle for the glory of God.

In the diversity of the gifts in the local church body, God designed it for unity.  Each of our fingers operate differently yet they function together as a hand.  Our eyes have a different function than our ears and feet.  Each must do its assigned task well if our body is to function properly.  In I Corinthians 12, Paul makes it clear that no one member can do it all and every member must do their assigned tasks.

Will you examine what you are doing in this local church body?  Are you doing your part?  Are you faithful in fulfilling the responsibility the Lord has given you?  Are you functioning in such a way that the entire body is functioning most effectively and efficiently?  If so, I am thankful that you are fulfilling God’s plan and purpose.  If not, volunteer today to serve in the area of ministry God has equipped you for and get involved now.

See you Sunday!