I just recently read a statistic that was very astonishing and eye opening to me regarding Christian families. The article stated this, “less than 10% of churchgoing families read the Bible together, pray together or worship together in the home.” I guess this really surprised me because family devotions is something that was always practiced in our home while growing up. I can recall dad reading a Bible story, asking us questions about the story, singing together, Bible sword drills, and closing it all out with prayer. Throughout the years and different stages of childhood, we may have changed family devotion time, but we never replaced it. I believe a special family devotion time is important for three reasons.

1) It unifies.

If everyone has been apart throughout the day or someone got upset at another family member about something, then the time spent learning, singing, and praying will bring a spirit of unity throughout the family. It is commonly said, “A family that prays together stays together.”

2) It prioritizes.

Nothing should be put into the place of your family devotions. Whether watching a movie or playing a game, we would always take time before it got too late to stop everything for our devotional time. There may have been some times when we got home late, but our time together with the Lord was always the priority. This will teach your children to not be too “busy” to spend time with the Lord.

3) It trains.

The Lord has blessed Laura and I with two children.  The reason that we have family devotions with them is not because of some special sermon I heard or an article I read but rather because of the example my parents set for me. I can even remember times at a young age when dad would let me and Philip give our devotional. They were training us to follow in the path that they had laid before us.

Committed Christians are generally produced by dedicated, godly parents. Have a family devotion time every night and help alter your family to glorify the Lord.