This fall, my husband and I were given a wonderful opportunity. We were asked if we would like to go on a trip to the Holy Land; Israel, God’s land and God’s people. We worked through a couple of conflicts and said, “Yes!”

The trip began immediately with wonderful sights, archeological findings and biblical application to each one. I knew from the beginning that I must write down what I was taking in or when the trip was over in 10 days I wouldn’t have a clue what I saw, and especially what I had taken pictures of. Let me just say that when you take 1,000 pictures you had better have a plan to help you document what you saw.

Usually I journal on paper, in a book, but this trip was different. I didn’t always have access to what was needed. So, the thought came to me, “Use your notes app on your phone.” So, that’s what I did. It was convenient and I could keep it with me 24/7.

By the end of the trip my brain was so full of what we had seen, heard and experienced. From Joppa, where Jonah boarded the boat to soon be swallowed by a whale, to the empty tomb, I could now go back and follow our journey because I had taken the time to write it down. Reliving the trip through our pictures and notes has been a wonderful blessing. My brain has been able to begin processing what I had taken in so quickly.

I can compare my life to this trip. Each day is a journey. I can hardly take it all in. God puts people in my path to help, to love, to fellowship with. He sends trials for me to use as an attitude adjustment, a teaching tool, a barricade to protect me. If I write down these happenings along my journey then I can process what is truly going on in my life. I can better see my path. I can chart my journey. I can watch my own life as God takes something not so good and makes it into something beautiful.

This challenging step is simply called journaling. I believe there is a principle in Revelation 1:11 for journaling. “I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea.” John was asked by God to write down what he saw and send it to the seven churches. God had a purpose for what John saw and He would use it in John’s life and John would write it down so that it could be used in the lives of the people in the seven churches. We have a completed Bible today because of obedient men, whom God used, that wrote down what they knew, saw, heard and was told by God to write. Because the men obeyed, today you and I own a copy of the completed God of Word!

God has a purpose for what He allows to come into your life and my life. He wants to use each circumstance, trial, victory and everyday happening for us to grow spiritually and for us to help others through what God has allowed in our lives.

We can’t always see God’s purpose for what He allows at the moment of its happening. That is why it’s good for us to write it down. Then, along the journey note the next happenings. God will then give us verses to help us grow through each situation. Adding them to the journal is good as well. Journaling our life, hand in hand with God, is a beautiful picture of fellowship with God!

Without journaling, I would soon forget the detail of our wonderful trip to Israel. But by writing it down I will remember and be able to revisit in my heart the places that I have walked in God’s chosen land.   It would be sad for our touching trip to become, “Oh, we had a great time. It was a beautiful place. Hope we can go again some time.” No detail remembered, no spiritual value continued, no heart-felt moments, just generality.

So, would you like to being such a journey? Let’s talk about a simple plan.

  1. Journal negative thoughts that you may have. Ask God to give you a verse to help you battle this thought. Write the verse along with the thought.
  2. Journal blessings. We are so blessed each day but we usually bypass the blessing for a moment of pity because we didn’t get what we wanted at the moment.
  3. Journal happenings. How did God use a certain situation in your life? A missed airline flight, a flat tire, a long line at the grocery store, a lost wallet, a letter mailed to a friend in need, a child’s words, and so much more.

Put the date and time of day at the top of your page and write, write, write. “What thou seest, write in a book.” Will you consider journaling as a growth step in your Christian life? Journal for a purpose and allow God to use your life through your words!