Parenting: it can bring about so much joy, fulfillment, and blessing in life, yet it has the uncanny ability to couple those blessings with burdens. So many things are always on your personal to do list plus you must stack on top of those things the many responsibilities that being a parent adds to your life. You now have your children who rely on you for everything. What a heavy responsibility it is knowing that you as their parent are primarily responsible for the physical, mental, and spiritual growth of your children. Every parent knows the dreadful feeling of having a teacher at church or school pull them over to the side and tell them how their precious little angel did not act very angelic that day in class. Probably most parents have at some time thought, “Oh no, I have failed as a parent.”

It is during this first month of the year as we enter with a fresh start that I believe each of us must take three necessary steps in our own personal parenting.

1. Renew – Perhaps it was in a church service or in your own personal devotions this past year when you made a commitment to God that you would be a godly dad or mom who would put Christ first in your family. Such vital commitments must be regularly renewed in our own lives because Satan would have no greater joy than to destroy your home and relationship with your spouse and kids.

2. Refuel – All of us reach times in our lives where it seems as if our tank is completely empty. God has designed the local church to be a refueling station for Christians where we can be strengthened by the teaching and preaching from the Word of God. You can also find a network of other parents who are also seeking to raise godly children in such a Godless society. Refuel now for the race ahead.

3. Resume – It seems that the older people get, the more likely it is that they will give in on personal convictions and standards that they have held for years. Resume with your role as a Christian parent who is determined to not allow the influences of our wicked world to shape your children. Determine that you will raise children who will break the mold and pattern of just being a typical teenager and young adult. Aim for them to be godly and settle for nothing less.

If you are reading this and now see that you have not been the godly father or mother that God would have you to be, determine that this year you will put Christ first in your family and make all of your decisions with Him as your ultimate leader.