The psalmist declared in Psalm 119:105, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”  One of the synonyms for God’s Word is “light” in the Scriptures.  Light dispels darkness.  Light reveals what is ahead.  Light directs our steps.

We may not have all the details of the path just now, but we have in God’s Word light to reveal the direction to take and we have a lamp to show us how to make the next step.  The light of God’s Word points us in the pathway of obedience.  It is not left up to how we feel or some type of intuition we have, but we have a sure word from God!

God does not reveal to us the whole map of our life’s path, because He knows it would frighten us.  It would also take the matter of trusting Him out of the picture.  With the light and lamp of His Word, we have the opportunity to trust Him, step by step.

In Psalm 119:106, the psalmist pledged to perform the “righteous judgments” of God.  He was simply promising to follow the light and lamp of the Scriptures.  God’s Word encourages us to do right no matter what is going on around us.

In order for us to know direction from God’s Word, it is imperative that we read, study and meditate upon it daily.  Set aside time every day in your schedule to open the Bible for your own personal enrichment and enlightenment.  God desires to direct you.

Will you let God’s Word be a light and lamp to you each and every day?  Will you determine to follow the Lord’s directions found in His Word?

See you Sunday!