There is one thing about life that everyone can agree on: our days on this earth are limited. From the activities that we enjoy to the events that we are involved in, they are all bound by the limits of time. However, just as each of us are constrained by the limited time that we have on this earth, we also each have an opportunity to live our life so that after we have passed away from this earth, our life can continue to impact those who are still alive.

As a parent, I am sure that you have concerns regarding the financial and physical well being of your children after you are no longer able to provide for them or to be with them due to our limited time of life. Parents save funds and construct wills to assist with the well being of their children long after they are in the grave. However, I believe that it is of far greater importance that as a Christian parent you live your life purposing to leave some specific traits and treasures behind for your children. Consider the following things that you can leave behind for them:

1 – A Christian heritage – Far greater than any monetary blessing that you could bestow upon your children, you must purpose now that the lasting impression in the mind of your child will be how dad and mom loved the Lord and placed Him as the top priority in their home.  You may have been privileged to inherit a Christian heritage from a previous generation or perhaps you are beginning that heritage in your family line. Either way, determine that you will live to leave it behind.

2 – A contagious happiness – Let the joy of the Lord be so evident in your life that when you children remember you, they will remember the joyful servant you were. All of us know certain people who as soon as their name is mentioned, our first thought is how bitter and ornery they are. May your life be characterized by contentment to the point that others are drawn to your contagious happiness.

3 – A continual hunger – No, I am not referring to your physical appetite but rather your spiritual desire to grow in your knowledge of Jesus Christ. Would your son or daughter say of you as their dad or mom that you desire to know more about the Word of God? Do you prove to your children that you have such a desire by weekly attending church, leading your family in a family devotional time, modeling a personal walk with the Lord for your children? Will you be remembered as someone who yearned to have a deeper walk with Christ, or will you simply be characterized as just a casual Christian? Allow your walk with the Lord to be a flaming passion that fuels your children to have a greater desire to walk with the Lord. I cannot overemphasize the importance in my life of growing up and seeing my parents have a daily time of Bible study and prayer.

With a determined focus and the strength of the Lord, you can live to leave a Christian heritage, a contagious happiness, and a continual hunger to your children so that many years after you have passed away from this earth, your offspring can continue to not only survive but thrive in a passionate, purposeful relationship with Christ.