In Colossians 1:28, Paul uses the phrase “every man” three times.  As we prepare for our annual World Missions Conference, that phrase stirs my heart as I realize that we have a responsibility both personally and corporately to reach “every man” with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This responsibility begins right here at home.  You and I have the opportunity and obligation to share Christ with our families, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and acquaintances.  The fulfillment of the Great Commission begins right where we live.  There are multiplied thousands in the Triangle area who do not know the Lord as their personal Savior.

We seek to fulfill the responsibility given to us in our daily lives as we witness, hand out tracts, and testify for the Lord.  We have organized times on Wednesday as a church to seek to win the lost to Christ.  We have a bus ministry which goes out into the highways and hedges with a desire to see those riders saved.

Besides our local efforts, we partner with missionaries here in the United States and around the world through prayer and giving.  We desire to see people saved in our own country and in other countries around this planet.  We want to assist and aid these workers in the establishing of churches who will then reproduce themselves through starting other churches.

As we enter this year’s World Missions Conference, I want to challenge you to ask the Lord to first speak to your heart about “every man” having the opportunity to believe on the Lord Jesus and your part in seeing that happen.  Are you a personal witness for the Lord?  Then, ask God to help you expand your faith as you make your faith promise commitment to the financial needs of our missionaries around the world.  Will you be obedient to the weekly amount God puts on your heart?

May each and every one of us do all we can while we can to reach “every man”!

See you Sunday!