As we celebrate sixty nine years of ministry as a church, my heart is filled with thanksgiving and praise for our wonderful and marvelous Lord!  I think back to those beginning days when a few men and women began our church in downtown Raleigh.  Had it not been for the faithfulness of those members in previous locations, (713 Gaston Street, the corner of Franklin and Bloodworth Streets, and the corner of East and Lane Streets),  we would not be the recipients of all of the Lord’s blessings we know today.

I not only think of their pioneering spirit, but I also think of their vision to purchase property out here on the northeast side of town and relocate to our present location.  They could have only bought half of our original property, but they chose to purchase all twenty-one acres of our Trawick Road location.  This laid the groundwork for the expansion of our ministry.  We have grown to utilize our original purchase and the other five pieces of land we have bought through the years.

Throughout these sixty nine years, there have been many faithful members who have filled the need for laborers in our work.  Many have served and many have been the faithful stewards who have given to meet the needs of our expanding ministry.  They followed their pastor as he followed the Lord.  They have supported the increasing of our outreach both here in Raleigh and around the world.  Some of you are still with us in the work and others have gone to be with the Lord.

I also want to express my appreciation to our present members.  Thank you for what you are doing as we continue to grow and enlarge our coasts.  What a privilege to be your pastor. It requires all of us doing our parts to enable our church to go forward for God’s glory. It truly takes teamwork to make the dream work.

Do everything possible to be with us on Sunday, October 8, at 10:00 am and 6:00 pm as we celebrate these sixty nine years of God’s goodness.

See you Sunday!