The Lord opened a door for us five years ago to have a discipleship class with about 17 Christian men in Central Prison on death row. With over 140 people on death row at Central Prison, our Bible study group is just a small representation of the many needs there. God has blessed both the inmates and the teachers; we have seen many answers to prayer. Our meetings are every Thursday afternoon from 3:00 to 4:00 and together each week we recite Psalm 1, pray, sing, write essays on what we are learning, and study God’s Word. We have “homework” between meetings and our disciples get to share what God is teaching them about Himself. As we share with you a few of their recent prayer requests, would you also pray for our Straight Way team?

  1. J. – Pray for the welfare of my brother, P., sister J., and niece M. who are heroin addicts.
  2. W. – Pray for my sisters who don’t believe in prayer; ask God to build their faith.
  3. A. – Pray that the body of Christ will continually grow here.
  4. F. – Pray for the ones that are weak in mind, heart, soul, faith, or have no faith at all in Christ.
  5. F. – Pray for my appeals; for my brother L. to let go of the rift he has with me.
  6. M. – Pray that God’s merciful kindness will be shown to me, related to my life in prison.
  7. G. – Pray that I will recognize more of God’s working in and around me, that I may praise Him.
  8. A. – Pray that I will be a blessing to someone.
  9. F. – Pray for the hurricane victims in Puerto Rico and for my family there.
  10. T. – Pray for my brother M. that he would come back to Jesus.
  11. L. – Pray for the victims of my crime, for healing.
  12. C. – Pray for my stepson and his mental health problems.
  13. C. – Pray for our country and President Trump and for God’s justice in all matters of division.