I have an ongoing project in our attic; it is reorganizing the keepsake boxes from each of our children.  Each child has a different color plastic bin in which I am transferring their special belongings for storage.  As I go through the boxes, my mind takes me so many places.  A trip, an afternoon, an incident that occurred while wearing that outfit or playing with a toy, a birthday, and more.  Smiles come, tears flow, feelings of love fill my heart and I spend too much time on the project.  I love to remember!

I remember Grandma always having her Bible on the kitchen table and the incredible Tea Cakes that she baked from scratch.  I remember Granny sewing my doll clothes without a pattern and the many Friday nights that I spent the night with her. I remember Mama’s wisdom as she made a huge impact on my life by certain statements such as “Never question God;” and “Don’t go against God’s will.”  I remember Daddy’s love for singing. I love to remember!

In II Timothy 1:1-6 Paul is remembering things about Timothy.  His emotions are spilling over on the pages of God’s Word.  He remembers Timothy in his prayers, (vs.3).  He remembers Timothy’s emotional times (vs. 4). He remembers the steadfast faith that was passed down to Timothy.  Paul instructs Timothy to use the things that he has remembered for the glory of God. “I have remembrance of thee in my prayers” (vs. 3); “When I call to remembrance” (vs. 5); “When I put thee in remembrance” (vs. 6) are the words of which I speak.

Calling to remembrance these things and much more reminds me to think about what my children, grandchildren, and others are remembering.  What they remember will affect them for eternity.

Ask yourself these questions:

1.         Will they remember seeing a desire in me to fervently serve Christ?

2.         Will they remember my heart concerning God’s will for my life and for their lives?

3.         Will they remember my desire to love, serve and please God above all?

4.         Will they remember me as a godly lady having a godly influence in their lives?

It is easier to remember the negative rather than the positive.  Try to remember some positives even from a tough past. If you don’t love to remember what is in your past, then choose to begin good memories for others to remember from your present. Make a choice to remember for a reason!