“Motives don’t matter when it comes to serving God!”Is that true? The Biblical perspective would disagree with this statement because God does want a fuel behind your service for Him and it is clearly expressed in Scripture in one word, “Abib.”

The word Abib is mentioned four times in Scripture. Exodus 13:4; 23:15; 34:18 and Deuteronomy 16:1. The word Abib according to Easton’s Bible Dictionary is “an ear of corn, the month of newly-ripened grain (Exodus 13:4 ; 23:15 ); the first of the Jewish ecclesiastical year, and the seventh of the civil year. It began about the time of the vernal equinox, on 21st March. It was called Nisan, after the Captivity (Nehemiah 2:1 ). On the fifteenth day of the month, harvest was begun by gathering a sheaf of barley, which was offered unto the Lord on the sixteenth (Leviticus 23:4-11 ).”

Don’t get caught up in the facts! What was the purpose for Abib? It was important to God that His people would never forget that defining moment when He would bring them out of Egypt. It was a time of new beginnings.

A Struggling Christian is one who doesn’t celebrate Abib. A dead church is one who is more concerned about their rituals and formalistic approaches rather than Abib. Anyone at anytime and in anyplace should be able to get excited about Abib.

  • Abib – the day Jesus saved you
  • Abib – the day that you stopped being rebellious
  • Abib- the day that you started heading in the right direction
  • Abib- the day that God healed your marriage
  • Abib- the day the prodigal came home
  • Abib- the day God healed you
  • Abib- the day a son or daughter got saved
  • Abib- the day that God answered that prayer
  • Abib- the day you put down the liquor bottle
  • Abib- the day you threw away that drug
  • Abib- the day you won victory in your life
  • Abib- the day that God almighty took up residence in you

We have so many “Abib” moments in our lives. God has loaded us down with so many benefits. We should be nothing but a group of grateful people!

Two types of people in Christianity

1st group- Saved since the time they were in nursery

We tend to lose the passion in the second and third generation of Believers that got saved out of the church nursery. For this group, where do we find our Abib? We recognize that by God’s Grace He alone has saved us from that horrible life that we could be living in right now.

  • But by the Grace of God you could be a lost soul
  • But by the Grace of God you could still be rebellious
  • But by the Grace of God you could be heading in the wrong direction
  • But by the Grace of God you could have a broken marriage
  • But by the Grace of God your son could still be prodigal
  • But by the Grace of God you could still be sick
  • But by the Grace of God your family could be lost
  • But by the Grace of God prayers could go unanswered
  • But by the Grace of God cold still be living as a drunkard
  • But by the Grace of God you could still be on drugs
  • But by the Grace of God you could still be living in defeat

2nd group- Saved out of Egypt

Where do I get my month of Abib? Where do I get that motivation on the inside?

The ones that know what Egypt is/was like, you too can stand up and praise God for ABIB! He brought you out of Egypt; you no longer live under bondage, you no longer are the person you use to be. I’m afraid sometimes for the people that have never been brought out of Egypt. Often times they don’t know how to passionately love God and passionately serve God.

When you realize WHERE God has SAVED you FROM and SAVED you TO every believer should be shouting praises to the LORD. What is that FUEL on the INSIDE that puts a song in your heart?

He Brought Me Out

  • My heart was distressed ’neath Jehovah’s dread frown,
    And low in the pit where my sins dragged me down;
    I cried to the Lord from the deep miry clay,
    Who tenderly brought me out to golden day.
  • He brought me out of the miry clay,
    He set my feet on the Rock to stay;
    He puts a song in my soul today,
    A song of praise, hallelujah!
  • He placed me upon the strong Rock by His side,
    My steps were established and here I’ll abide;
    No danger of falling while here I remain,
    But stand by His grace until the crown I gain.
  • He gave me a song, ’twas a new song of praise;
    By day and by night its sweet notes I will raise;
    My heart’s overflowing, I’m happy and free;
    I’ll praise my Redeemer, Who has rescued me.
  • I’ll sing of His wonderful mercy to me,
    I’ll praise Him till all men His goodness shall see;
    I’ll sing of salvation at home and abroad,
    Till many shall hear the truth and trust in God.
  • I’ll tell of the pit, with its gloom and despair,
    I’ll praise the dear Father, who answered my prayer;
    I’ll sing my new song, the glad story of love,
    Then join in the chorus with the saints above

By Henry Zelley 1898

What fuels you around the Thanksgiving holiday? God wants you to remember the month of Abib because He wants a fuel behind your service to Him. Abib is not confined to a once a year celebration called Thanksgiving nor is it confined to a weekly event called church. Don’t confine the Christian life to be ritualistic only. Don’t limit it only to a time on the calendar or a time during the week that you can get excited about the LORD. Do you know why the Pharisees became the way they did in the New Testament? Those Pharisee families didn’t start out that way. They started out as the people that God brought out of Egypt. They were the linage, the forefathers that came out of Egypt. At one time they were excited to leave Egypt. When they got to the first month of ABIB they were excited about what God had done for them. They would sit around the camp fire as it were telling stories about how good God has been to them, but generations change. Why? They became Pharisaical because they limited their Abib to a ritual time on the calendar. God help us if the only time we have Abib is when we finally show up to church or mark a time on the calendar.

God wants you to remember Abib because it will fuel your motives in serving Him. When is the last time you had an Abib moment?