Proverbs 22:9 – He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed; for he giveth of his bread to the poor. 

Briton Nordemeyer, eight, of Brandon, South Dakota, wanted to help the children who had lost everything during Hurricane Katrina. So when Briton’s tooth fell out in the fall of 2005, she decided to donate the money she would get from the tooth fairy to the Red Cross.  Instead of waiting for the tooth fairy to arrive, however, Briton mailed her tooth to the Red Cross. She included a letter explaining that the tooth fairy would render payment upon arrival.

When news about Briton’s generosity reached the public, the Red Cross received a $500 donation from an anonymous donor who heard about Briton’s tooth and wanted to help provide a fairy tale ending.

The sincerity and generosity of a child can be such a refreshing and inspiring thing. From a pure heart, a child can have the sweetest notion to want to help a stray pet or share with a friend in need.  The Bible teaches us the valuable principle that the blessings of God are bestowed upon those who give to people who are in need.

So many of us live life seeing the needs of others around us, but very few take any steps of action towards meeting the needs we observe. There is a common saying that goes, “See the need and take the lead.” We have all had times when we were going about our day-to-day lives and the Holy Spirit pointed out to us the need of someone around us. It could have been a physical, emotional, or spiritual need. In those moments, determine to have the same compassionate heart as this young eight year-old girl you have read about today who saw a need and took the lead.