How many blessings do you miss? What opportunities do you miss for your life because you simply do not take the time to earnestly converse with ordinary people. What are you missing right now because you chose not to take the time from your busy schedule? If only you had taken the time to listen? What path would you be traveling today.

Earlier this year the Holy Spirit used an exceptional family to soften my heart and perhaps open doors for a journey that was not on my radar. It started when I made the decision to intentionally reach out to the students in my eleventh grade Bible class at RCA. At the beginning of the year, I gave them the option to take my nine weeks exam or to come to my office for a fifteen minute session that would allow me to hear their stories. Yes, everyone chose to take the time to visit me in my office. Of course, I had some that were just there to avoid the exam, but for the most part I was able to get to know my students in a personal way that I could not have achieved in the classroom. I am grateful that I made the time, because I was blessed more than I could have imagined. The initial benefit was better insight for the way I should pray for each one. It was through getting to know the students that I would eventually meet Lon and Chandler Ellis. I never imagine how my assignment would lead me to participating in a program to incorporate a Belarusian child into my family this summer.

Lon and Chandler’s story begins fourteen years ago with a mission trip that would ultimately change their lives and the lives of countless others! Through a divine appointment, their first mission trip to Belarus inadvertently changed their lives.

It was an opportunity that they are truly grateful that they took the time to learn the story of the Belarusians. Will you miss the blessing because you chose not to take the time to watch the video below to learn more about the Ellis’ and Belarus?



I am thankful that the Ellis family was sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading in their life. Their obedience to trust God’s calling in their life, has already changed countless Belarusian and American families for the glory of God. This week, who will you take the time to listen and get to know? You never know how the Holy Spirit will use a single moment to influence the rest of your life.