The job and responsibilities of a godly parent consist of many various tasks and to-dos.  Whether they be physical matters or spiritual maturing, every parent is bombarded with the needs of their children. As you go about meeting these needs and training your children, it is vital that among all of those tasks you do not lose site of the main biblical purpose and structure behind every decision you make and step you take. Let’s consider three “positive parenting pointers” that must drive your decision making as a godly parent.

  1. Motivate – In a world of negativity and low self-esteem, your child needs you to be his or her cheerleader. Many times encouragement to do right and praise when they make the right choices will not come from their friends. Parents are often great at getting on to their children when they do wrong but somehow forgot to praise them for doing right. Just imagine if you got just as excited about obedience as you get upset about disobedience.
  2. Mold – What a challenging thought it is that parents have the opportunity and responsibility to mold their children in the ways of the Lord. Although you cannot literally make the choice for them to do right, you can help mold their decisions by actively being involved in what is influencing their lives. Your children are your most precious possession which God has allowed you to raise and train. To “train up a child in the way they should go” literally means “to initiate them at the opening of their path.” Help mold them to love the Lord.
  3. Model – Over and over again we have heard the expression, “actions speak louder than words.” This is so true with parenting. Your children are not only listening to your words; they are also looking at your walk. Walk with the Lord and live a consistent Christian life so that you will model for your children the type of Christian that you would like for them to grow up to be.

What a great opportunity and responsibility every Christian parent has to motivate, mold, and model biblical Christianity for their children so that they will live a life that pleases God.