I am convinced that most believers are aware of the need to share the gospel, even those who do not know that Jesus commanded us to do so. Thinking back to my years as an un-churched Bible illiterate believer I knew this to be so. Why, because the Spirit of Truth lives within me.

Since this knowledge is in every believer, why then are there so few who actually make it a part of their lives? I think there are multiple answers, but the prevailing one, I believe, is they just don’t know how to even go about it. They don’t know how to get started in a discussion about our Saviour.

This blog’s purpose is to help those of you who struggle with this to get the conversation started so you can present the gospel to anyone.  Below are some simple steps that will help you be more comfortable and natural in getting to the gospel.

  1. Be friendly: Introduce yourself and get their name if you do not already know them. Show your interest in them by asking questions about where they are from, how long they have lived in the area, their family, etc.
  2. Move to spiritual things: One of the easiest and best ways to find out where a person is spiritually is to ask them their church background. I also like to ask them if they grew up in church or not. No matter their answer it is important to not be negative here. Example: do not show your disapproval of the Catholic Church. When I can’t be positive I usually will use a phrase like this, “that’s interesting.”
  3. Briefly share your testimony: One of the greatest tools I have seen in opening someone up to hear the gospel is sharing how I personally received Christ. This doesn’t need to be more than one or two minutes. Practice this, use it, and you will see that it paves the way for the next step.
  4. Ask them the question: “If God were to take your life today, are you 100% certain that you would go to heaven.”


  • If they say no, ask them if they would allow you to show them how they could know.From here use the Roman’s road to salvation printed on the back of our church’s tracts. If you do not attend here, and your church doesn’t print tracts with the gospel on them I’ll be glad to help. Contact me at: rickygarner@beaconbaptist.org.
  • If they say yes, ask them to share with you why they are so sure. If they give any other answer than a Bible one use your Bible to show them the only way of salvation. A good verse I like to use is Romans 10:13.

I pray that this helps you as you seek to share your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with those around you. If you would like further helps, please contact me at the above mentioned email.