“It’s none of your business.”  “If I wanted you to know I would have told you.” Probably at some time, all of us have either spoken those words or had someone rashly speak them to us. When we think of someone being nosy, perhaps a certain high school friend or college roommate comes to mind. It is that person that would annoy you because they were always into everything you were doing. It is probably the same person who thought that they had to know about everything and everyone as if it was one of their natural born rights. Being nosy is usually considered rude and inconsiderate.

However, as a parent, you do have a right to be knowledgeable about all that your children do. Some parents have the mindset that their children deserve their own privacy. Actually, your children deserve to have parents that love them enough to sacrifice the time and exert the energy to be actively involved in and aware of all that their children do. Know your child’s friends. Learn about the entertainment that is influencing them. Question them concerning their conduct and activities when they return from a trip, date, or night at a friend’s house. I guess I could say that I had “nosy” parents, but because I knew that their involvement and interest in my life was driven by love for me, it did not create an attitude of rebellion but rather of appreciation. I can honestly say that there were many times I did right mainly because I knew that I would be accountable to my parents later on.

The old adage states, “Rules without relationship equals rebellion.”  Newsflash dad and mom: whether they would say it or not, your child wants you to be actively involved in the events in their life.  Be the nosy dad or mom you need to be, but express your love so that one day they can reflect back on their years at home and remember a dad and mom who played with, prayed for, and parented their child to do great things for Christ. To sum it all up, the “News for Nosy Parents” is keep up the good work!