When my wife and I began the adoption process, the further we went down the path, the more and more it appeared to our human eyes and minds to be like that same pathway the Israelites took to get to their “dead end” at the shores of the Red Sea, and you wind up asking yourself, “Okay God, we’ve done all that we can do, now it’s up to you.” And that’s precisely when God wants to work, once we have stopped. “Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord,” remember? God will start working, once we stop; but as long as we are still trying to do things our own way or accomplish our goal in our own power, then, there’s no glory in it for Him. He wants to see that we trust Him enough to intentionally place ourselves directly into a Red Sea situation, to where thee only way something can be accomplished is through His almighty miracle-working power.

The further down the pathway of adoption we have gone, the more it has seemed to us both that we are standing on at the edge of the Red Sea, with our feet in the water, standing still and waiting on God to reveal His power. And that’s not just through the providing of the necessary $25,000….oh no my friend, humanly speaking, that was actually the “easy part,” for God. (There’s no such thing as a “hard part” for God though….”Is there anything too hard for me?”) But even once God provided the funding for us, that still does nothing to guarantee a baby, oh no. The day I saw the page of the agency’s website that we are going through, that lists and shows info about all of the waiting families was the day I truly “stopped walking” and realized my feet are standing in water, and we have actually “reached the Red Sea,” for we can go no further. Nothing more can be done by us. Now, from this point on, it is either all of God, or, it simply doesn’t happen.

What am I referring to, you ask?

When I saw our agency’s portal page displaying the online profiles of all the other waiting couples, desiring a baby, I’ll be honest, my heart sank. I felt exactly like I was literally standing at the edge of the ocean looking straight out, seeing nothing but water and thinking to myself, “How in thee WORLD is this ever going to happen now?!” You see, each page of that waiting couples profile portal had twenty different couples on it…..and there were thirty-five total pages….. We all know what twenty times thirty-five is. That’s how many waiting couples who desire to adopt an infant baby our agency currently had. Oh…my…goodness! I immediately started thinking that it was actually more of a miracle to adopt a baby, than it was to have one born biologically, though both are equally a miracle and a gift from God. Humanly-speaking though, I felt like we were entering the lottery, being just another one out of more than seven hundred total waiting couples.

So, when a birth mother who is choosing adoption for her baby comes to our agency, she has seven hundred different options for who she will choose to bless her little one with?! “Are you serious?!” I was thinking…”Is this really for real?” It was at that very moment that I truly felt like I was standing with the Israelites staring out across the Red Sea and wondering, “Why God? Why did you bring us here? What will happen to us now?”

But that is EXACTLY where God wants you, God wants me, Where God wants all of us to be at in life. In a situation, predicament, or life experience that is not human-sized…but GOD-SIZED. God receives little glory if we do something we were fully capable of doing or performing in the power of our own strength, but He receives ALL the glory for that which happens in our lives which only He can do or perform, and then we humans give Him the glory for it!

God provided the necessary money for adoption in a year’s time, and God is powerful enough as well to guide and direct a young woman’s heart to browse through seven hundred waiting couple’s profiles to choose ours. That…is a Red Sea principle. If God is powerful enough to lead, guide, and direct you to where He wants you to be in order to perform His miracle, then, He is powerful enough to perform the miracle itself as well, or else He never would have led you there to that place or situation in your life to begin with, right? Trust in Him.

A young lady will wind up with child whom was not expecting one, planning for one, nor prepared for one. She will first then choose life for her child rather than death, she will then choose adoption rather than raising the baby herself, being led by God to do so. She will then begin reaching out to adoption agencies, researching them online, or asking around. Of all the agencies in this country, she will choose Bethany Christian Services, the one we were led by God to go through. She will then browse through seven hundred different couples from all across America…coming down to selecting only one. God will lead, guide, and direct her heart to choosing Dan & Synthavanh Thompson in Raleigh, NC. THAT, is God reaching down from Heaven, and placing His God-sized hands down into the waters, spreading them apart, and parting our life’s “Red Sea” for us, that we both might see and know and feel His love, care, compassion, grace, mercy, and goodness in our lives. Whatever you are asking the Lord for today, He DOES know, He DOES care, and He WILL perform for you.

“True faith in God is not believing God can, it is not even believing God will…..but it is believing that God already HAS.”

Intentionally place your life into “Red Sea Situations” asking God for that which seems impossible to you, and then walk down that pathway until you literally come to what appears to you to be the end of the pathway, the dead end of it all, the end of you performing that which you can do in and of yourself. And then stand still…and watch what God will do…what ONLY God CAN DO. The only question is, how big is your faith, and how big is your God whom that faith is in? Do you find yourself standing at the water’s edge today? Go ahead and take that first step….STEP INTO THE WATER, and watch God do something miraculous!