What were you thinking before you opened this blog? Good thoughts? Happy thoughts? Sad thoughts? Worry? Fear? What was on your mind? We hear a lot these days about meditation. My hairdresser told me last time I went that she was going to give yoga meditation classes. She’ll probably have a good number of ladies to sign up.

So what is involved in all this meditation stuff that the world is talking about? I went online and found a host of answers. There are countless websites with meditation for beginners, meditation techniques, meditation music, meditation for sleep, etc. You can even look at You Tube for details and pictures. I can imagine if I went home and got on my little pink mat in a quiet place, with comfy clothes and tried to breathe with my mouth closed, my chin tilted down and a timer sitting next to me, I might have a few thoughtspop into my head. By the way, those were the suggestions given on wikiHow. I’m afraid I’d be wondering what was on HGTV or staring at the clock to see how much longer I had. The goal of some religions who use techniques like this is to empty the mind, to totally relax and get in touch with your inner self.

What does the Bible have to say about meditation? Psalm 19:14 tells us, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength and my redeemer.” The focus of this verse is to be pleasing to the Lord in our meditation. It is a natural thing. But in our world, it is so easy to block out these periods of thoughtwith activity involving work or entertainment. We keep ourselves busy and don’t spend that time in processing what we have learned from scriptures or a sermon or lesson taught on Sunday. The words are heard, but sometimes they just don’t stick. It’s like reading a good, helpful book and thinking how great those ideas are but never putting any of them to use.

How do we meditate in the right way? I think we have to consciously take the time to focus on what God is teaching us. We do this when something bad takes place. We immediately stop and pray and ask God why this is happening or what we need to do to respond. We search the scriptures for answers and spend hours talking to friends about the situation. The bad event causes us to focus on Him. Why not have that same focus, that same searching of the scriptures or asking God for what we need to do when there is not a specific problem? How many times have you done that and God has given you an extraordinary blessing or direction? Sometimes He just provides an encouraging verse or reassurance that you’re on the right track.

We don’t need any special pillows or soothing music to meditate. It’s not necessary to learn a mantra or a special technique. But it does take time alone with the Lord. Note the last part of the verse (Psalm 19:14), “…my strength and my redeemer.” We have God’s help with this. We are not in it alone. Let’s allow our thoughts and focus to be on Him. We’ll be amazed at how life-changing that will be.