While reading a Christian news article regarding parenting, I read the following statement, “Many parents have an outsourcing mentality when it comes to their children’s spirituality, often because they lack spiritual vitality themselves.” From Proverbs 22:6, we understand that the primary role of parents regarding their child is to “Train up a child in the way he should go.”

Rearing a child is a God-ordained command that is of utmost importance. God has given parents the local church to come alongside of them to assist in raising their child. However, the church is not intended to stand in the place of the parent in the role of raising a child. At Beacon Baptist Church, we have numerous services, programs, activities, and events that are helpful tools in educating, evangelizing, and equipping your child; nevertheless, we offer these as practical helps to parents who are striving to raise godly children.

In our own country, the idea of outsourcing jobs has been a hot button topic in politics and among common laborers. While that outsourcing can have some positive aspects, the core value is that it weakens our economical growth and job creation here in our own country.

Just as the outsourcing of jobs can have a devastating effect on our country. In a much greater capacity, spiritual outsourcing will weaken the gospel truth that is seeking to be instilled in the life of your child. If a child is only receiving spiritual training for just a few hours at church, he or she will more than likely allow all of the other influences throughout the week to have a greater influence on them.

More than you possibly realize, your child is aware if you are living opposite of what they are learning of how a Christian ought to live. Do not be guilty of outsourcing all biblical training in the life of your child. Look at this great responsibility that God has entrusted you with as the greatest privilege in life that you have outside of your own spiritual growth.

Spiritual outsourcing is a dangerous decision, so determine to do your part to rear godly children who seek after the ways of the Lord.