Two of the most dreaded words heard by any child are the words, “You’re grounded!” Most likely every one of us have been on the receiving end of that expression several times in our lives. Those words are then always followed by more words of punishment and judgement. Contrary to the opinion of most children, parents do not find life’s greatest joy and satisfaction through punishing their children but rather they understand that it is an essential part of parenting.

Not too long ago, I was thinking about that phrase, “You’re grounded.” As I thought about the connotation that parents so often use it, another usage struck mind. Actually, as a parent, your primary goal in child rearing should be to be able to exclaim to your children as they one day leave your home, “You’re grounded.” You should ground them in the necessity of salvation and a consistent walk with God after salvation. You should ground them in the basics of Christian living such as faithful church attendance and proper stewardship in giving their tithes and offerings. They should be grounded in the fundamentals and doctrines of their faith.  It is not the primary responsibility of a Sunday school teacher, church leader, or even a Christian school teacher to ground your child in these things. It is up to you as the parent to plant those seeds in their hearts and the local church is supposed to assist you in watering and nurturing those seeds as they grow.

My question to you as a parent is, are you grounded in these things enough that you can help ground your children? Stay close to Christ and faithful to your local church, so that one day you can look at your children as they leave your home to go out and serve the Lord and you will be able to proclaim with a tear running down your cheek and conviction in your voice, “You’re grounded!”