I know what you’re thinking…”Something else on stewardship.” Well, not exactly. Please keep reading. We usually relate this phrase to robbing God of tithes and offerings (Malachi 3). There is another manner in which we rob God that is just as serious if not more so. I am writing about robbing God of glory that He and He alone is due. I do not know that there is anything that will render a man useless faster than an individual who does not give credit to God. The moment I touch the glory that belongs to God alone, I risk everything, especially my usefulness to God. And at the heart of this are the victories God allows to come our way. Success is a severe moment of testing before God. It is at that very moment that we must fall to our knees and beg God to keep us humble and to divert all credit to the Lord.

Genesis 14:23 records such a moment for Abraham. Enjoying a tremendous triumph over the four kings that have ravaged the land and taken his nephew, Lot captive, Abraham won a convincing victory, defeating soundly four powerful kings. The king of Sodom offers Abraham a handsome reward for recovering all of the captured people and possessions of Sodom. Abraham refuses the king’s reward and adds this reply, “Lest thou shouldest say, I have made Abram rich.”¬†Abraham was careful not to touch the glory of God. He wanted nobody to take credit for what God had done whether it was himself or somebody else.

It is a wise man who will be mindful to give God all the glory and honor that He rightfully deserves. Nothing will displease God more than a man who robs Him. May we resolve never to take what belongs to God–especially His glory! And remember when success comes your way, bow your heart in praise to the One who made it possible and shout it from the rooftop what God has done.