If we set out today to make a list of all of the various types of parents that fall under the category of being a “Christian parent,” we could make an endless list with divisions and breakdowns of various types of parents. However, the truth is that all Christian parents can be placed under one of the two following categories: those that mention Christ and those that model Christ. While it is vital that a parent speaks of Christ to their children concerning who He is and what He has done in their own life, it is also essential that that very same parent model Christ in his or her actions. Sometimes we do not give children as much credit as they deserve for being able to see through the smoke screen of empty words. Your Christianity should not be just a passing mention of Christ every now and then throughout the week to your children; it should be a daily modeling of Christ as you glorify Him by living out the difference that He has made in your life.

To illustrate this concept, let’s think about video ads. At times, some of the most interesting and appealing things to watch on television are commercials or online ads for products. Using a humorous, compelling, or inspiring message, advertisers seek to gain your attention and sell their product. Every day on the sites you visit, videos you watch, and games you play, you are bombarded by ads! However, the more effective form of advertising is the infomercial. If all of us are completely honest, we will admit to having spent time watching an ad and being spellbound by some special product that has been advertised in such an effective way that you really want to go online and purchase it. Perhaps you have actually ordered a product before because of the convincing advertisement. I can honestly say that I have never actually purchased a product from an infomercial, but I have been very compelled to do so. Why are these effective? Because advertisers realize that by not just mentioning their product but actually modeling it in “real life” situations, they can more easily convince people to buy into the idea that they absolutely need the product that is being offered.

Parents, your children do not need “thirty second commercial clips” of you mentioning how to live the Christian life. They need for you to actually model Christ. Deutoronomy 6:7 reminds parents of their ever-present duty to instruct their children “when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.” This modeling of Christ is not just a Sunday duty, it is a daily responsibility to make Christ real in the lives of your children as they see that their dad and mom are not only announcing Christ with their words but also affirming Christ with their walk.

It is a simple question with a simple yes or no answer. Are you only mentioning or daily modeling Christ to your children?