Back in 2002 I flippantly bought one share of AAPL online for a mere twenty bucks. (Apple Computer stock.) Since then, AAPL has had two stock splits, one at 2-for-1, and more recently one at 7-for-1, when AAPL’s price had soared up above $700/share. Today, Apple has since become the world’s first trillion-dollar company, and it’s stock AAPL sits at it’s all-time high of $265 per share. So, my initial carefree investment of just $20 for one share of stock over 17 years ago, today is right at 15 shares total, and valued at almost $4,000. Crazy to think about, eh? “If ONLY” I had invested $20,000 instead of just $20, back in 2002….I would now be sitting on 14,000 shares of AAPL, valued at over $3.7MILLION! I know, I know…”If Only…What If? If Only…What If?” We can always think about what our life would be like now, “if only” we had done things differently back then.

Did you know that there were actually THREE men who first started Apple? Everyone knows the main head guy used to be, Steve Jobs, and most know of his college friend, Steve Wozniak, who helped him start Apple out of his parent’s garage. At the time of his death, Steve Jobs was said to be worth over $10 billion, and Steve Wozniak currently is worth over $100 million. Did you also know that there was a third guy, an older man, who helped these two young college kids get their company started? Most people don’t, because you never hear anything spoken about him. His name is Ronald Wayne, and he truly is…or could have been, rather…the richest man alive, that no one has ever heard of.

Ronald Wayne was the older, more mature and responsible adult who was backing Jobs and Wozniak back in the early 70s as they were making computers in their parent’s garage. Wayne was given a 10% share in the company, but he only stayed with them….for a whole two weeks. You can Google his name to read more of his story, but, he quit and left Apple after just two weeks of being with them. He simply thought it was too great of a risk to take at that time in his life. If Apple went south, and these two young college dropouts were unable to make a go of selling these new computers, how would that affect him financially-speaking? Imagine what Wayne would be worth today, though, owning a 10% share in our nation’s largest company? He missed out on the most lucrative investment opportunity ever…simply due to fear of taking too big a risk, being uncertain of the outcome, and a lack of faith in these two young college kids. Ronald Wayne is currently worth a few hundred thousand dollars.

When I think of that story, I cannot help but apply this same principal of “Risk & Reward” spiritually-speaking. Do we as believers sometimes treat God the same way that Ronald Wayne treated Jobs and Wozniak, not believing He can do what He says He will do for us, promising in His Word that He will do? Do we truly believe that God is able to deliver on all His promises in His Word? Are we willing to “take a risk” for God?

Ask yourself these six important questions:

  1. What “risk/step of faith” am I currently taking for God?
  2. What “risk/step of faith” am I willing to take for Him in the future?
  3. What future reward do I hope to have for the Lord one day?
  4. What present reward am I returning to those who either have in my past, or are currently investing into my life right now today?
  5. Who’s life am I investing myself into right now?
  6. Is there ANYTHING at all that God could ask me to do for Him that I would consider to be “too risky?” Too high a risk? A risk I am just not willing to take based upon the information I have at the time?

Your answers to these six questions WILL determine your future reward for the Lord one day, the actual course of your life itself, and all that you will ever accomplish for the Lord and for His work.

Satan asks/expects NOTHING from you up front, but gives you ‘his best’ first, only to hit you with the cost of your choices and make you pay the consequences of your sinful actions later; whereas God our loving Father asks SOMETHING of us and expects to see OUR step of faith in Him FIRST, and THEN, He rewards us with the future blessings and working of miracles in our lives. One question, WHEN DID God part the waters of the Jordan River for the Israelites? When their feet touched the water FIRST… God has not changed in thousands of years, and even still today, He wants to see our step of faith in Him FIRST, and He is a great rewarder of those who exhibit genuine faith in Him, showing by their actions that they truly believe in the validity of His promises.

Never be afraid to step out on a limb for God, after all, isn’t that where all the fruit is at? Are you going to spend your entire life hugging the tree trunk of life, or walk out on a limb for God, taking steps of faith, to do great things for God? NO ONE who has EVER done or accomplished ANY great work for the cause of Christ has ever done so without taking risks for God and stepping out on that branch of faith trusting solely in the One who created the tree they’re standing on to begin with.

Taking a step out on that limb of faith and falling is not failure, for God will set you right back up on that same branch again; but parilization from the fear OF falling and never stepping out on faith at ALL and spending your entire life stuck next to the tree trunk of life IS…failure…and will result in nothing but a fruitless Christian life and almost meaningless existence. Do not let yourself one day become “The Greatest Christian or Servant of God . . . That Nobody’s Ever Heard Of” . . . all because you weren’t willing to step out on faith. Always remember, what we humans view as “taking a risk,” God views as simple obedience, and He receives no greater honor and glory from us as children, than when we put action to what we claim is our faith in Him.

“That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.”– I Corinthians 2:5 Which is your faith resting and depending on today…only what your human mind deems rational and achievable, or on the almighty power of God, to whom nothing shall be impossible?