Are you passionate about a subject that is a hot topic?  If it’s a topic that you disagree with, your blood begins to boil, your cheeks blush with color, you sit on the edge of your seat and you begin to voice what comes from within.  If it’s a topic that you agree with, excitement bubbles from within, a smile creeps on your face, your words begin to speak with your whole heart and your actions come from what is stirring within your soul.  Either scenario is a definite moment of passion.

Passion simply means a strong and barely controllable emotion; any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. I’m passionate when it comes to the topic of my Cute Kids.  I begin telling stories of their lives, their cuteness in conversation, or telling about what we did for fun.  I can’t help it!  I can’t stop myself!  It just happens.  Passion for my Cute Kids flows in my veins!  These kids that weren’t in my life until the last 8 years have transformed my life in such a short time.  I talk about what I love and I love those kids.  My passion bleeds over into every area of my life because of 8 Cute Kids that have forever changed me.

Another passion of mine is serving God!  I love going to church to be with God’s people.  I enjoy serving God in all kinds of ministries.  I anticipate meeting with God every morning.  I love it and I don’t want to miss the sweet fellowship that I receive during that time.  I’m passionate about my family serving Jesus and giving Him their all.  I passionately pray for God to use our family in His perfect will all the days of our lives.

As I ponder God’s Word today, I have asked myself these questions, “What am I passionate about?  How can I be more passionate about loving and serving Jesus? ” I must be more passionate about serving God than I am about my family, or anything else.

Psalm 135 and 136 describe this passion.  The hot topic in Psalm 135 is the idols that people were worshipping.  The psalmist passionately explains that these idols don’t have eyes to see, they cannot talk; neither can they hear.  Yet, the people were passionately giving their all to these gods. He plainly states in 135:18, “They that make them are like unto them: so is everyone that trusteth in them.” I can feel that passion in his voice as the psalmist writes these words. It is constantly on his heart and his heart affects his words.  He thinks about how the idols are destroying peoples’ lives.  He tells people not to worship idols.  He is passionate about something that he does not believe in.

Then, Psalm 136 shows passion towards what the psalmist does believe in.  He believes in the one and only true and living God. Thanksgiving, praise to God, the mercy of God, and loving and serving a living God are in his heart and on his lips.  He can’t be quiet about it. He is passionate about a God who sees us, knows us, cares about us, and whose mercy extends to us in a generous way.  The psalmist is passionate about dead gods that people serve and He is passionate about serving the living God that is personal and eternal.

  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. Do you voice your passion in the right spirit?
  3. Do you allow God to use your passion to produce positive fruit in the lives of others?
  4. Do you truly serve the living God or do you serve idols such as your personal schedule, having more stuff, your job, another person, or a dead god?

Passion!  What’s yours?