That’s a surprising title, isn’t it? I must admit, I even had a hard time typing it out. You may be asking, “Why would someone write such a blog who is employed by the church?” Well, let me say first that I don’t dislike my church. In fact, I love my church. Is it a perfect church? No. It is a body of imperfect individuals, so understandably, it has flaws.

Are there things, then, that I don’t like? Are there things about your family that you wish you could change or that if you could have it your way, you would change? The answer to that is “probably so.” But just like our families, there is so much to love about Beacon Baptist Church that any dislikes are quickly swallowed up.

I would have a serious problem if my pastor began teaching doctrinal error. I am thankful that every week, I am going to hear the preached Word of God! I don’t hear opinions. I receive “Thus saith the Lord.” I know that I am surrounded by people that love and pray for me. I appreciate the “seasons” of prayer that we have occasionally. I am deeply grateful for brothers and sisters in Christ who tell me they call my name out to the Lord. I love our outreach around the world and in our city. In a time when people desperately need to hear about Christ’s love, I know our church is doing everything it can to fulfill the Great Commission. Over 150 mission points across the globe are supported by Beacon Baptist Church. Last year, we gave over half a million dollars to missions as a church! I love my adult Bible study class (and have dearly missed them during the Corona Virus). I love our fellowship, and I love that we are members of the same spiritual family. We are brothers and sisters in Christ! I love the fact that the church’s leaders are genuine. From the staff to the deacons, I admire the fact that these are men who love the Lord. I have known our pastor for over forty years (Boy, he’s getting old). By no means is he perfect, but he is genuine. He loves the Lord, and he loves the people God has called him to shepherd. He walks what he talks. I love our worship together as a body of believers. During the time that we were unable to meet due to COVID-19, my heart ached to be reunited with our people. I enjoy our fellowship, but I also enjoy worshipping together. From the choir to the congregation, it is always good to be in the house of the Lord together. I love that I can serve. There is a place for me (and you too). Church isn’t just a place to get but a place to give.

So while Beacon Baptist Church isn’t perfect…it’s a wonderful place to grow in the Word and in fellowship with God’s people. And people are the work of God. You and I are the church. There will always be things we don’t care for or we would do differently, but much of what comes to mind really isn’t that important at all. Be thankful for your church, and do everything you can to make the best it can be!