It is interesting how the same event can elicit different responses. Simply put, people respond differently to difficulties. It has been said that the same sun that melts the snow hardens the clay. This was true for Mike Klauser and Ed Hommer.

In 1981, the two men, along with two other acquaintances, were flying over Mt. McKinley in Alaska when their small plane began to experience problems. With the plane shaking violently, the four men crashed into the side of a mountain. As Mike and Ed pulled themselves from the wreckage, they discovered that their two friends didn’t survive the crash. Sub-freezing temperatures and howling blizzard conditions hampered rescue efforts as a search team took four days to reach the crash site. Mike lost all of his toes and five fingers, and Ed lost both of his feet from frostbite.

It is amazing how differently these two men responded to this accident. They both were exposed to the same tragedy, yet their responses were completely opposite. Mike became very bitter, but Ed was happy to be alive and has gotten on with his life. He has accepted the losses that life dealt him and has moved on.

In the Bible, we see numerous examples of individuals experiencing calamity. Joseph faced repeated disappointments and hardships, yet he remained steadfast in his relationship to the Lord. Pharaoh, on the other hand, faced the plagues of Egypt, and the Bible says his heart grew harder and harder with the onset of each plague.

Such as it is with you and me. The difficulties of life will either draw us nearer God, or we can allow our hearts to harden. We become like Mike or Ed, Joseph or Pharoah. We choose how we respond. Understand that God desires that we draw near to Him when we are facing desperate times. It is a time that we can enjoy sweet fellowship and comfort from Him as we endure the difficulty. The flipside is that we can drift from God and become spiritually hardened.

So…since COVID-19 hit us early last spring, where are you spiritually? What did the virus do to you? Did you draw closer to the Lord, or do you find that somehow you are further away from the Savior? Has your heart been like snow or clay? You know the answer, and so does the Lord. Why not call on Him now to draw you back? Ask Him to soften the hard heart that has become preoccupied with the difficulties and step back into His presence for the fellowship you need and He desires.