I am just one person feeling a little insignificant in this overwhelming world, and these scary times. There is so much chaos and confusion.  What can one person do?    I don’t have influence.  Sure, I can voice my opinion, but who is listening?  I can’t change the world or even make a drop of difference, or can I?

What is the power of one?  If everyone used the power of one, then everything could change.  As I think of the influence that I hold as one person, I remember the power of the Holy Spirit that influences me daily in my quiet time with Him.  Studying God’s Word brings peace, joy, and contentment to my life and gives me the power that I need every day.  It’s like manna from Heaven.  In the Old Testament, God gave manna to the Israelites every morning.  They couldn’t gather it for the week or for every two days.  It had to be gathered every morning.  The same is true with God’s Word.  He will empower His children every day as we desire personal and quality time with Him.

At this time, my personal Bible study is in the book of Amos.  A friend recommended this book to me, and I decided to delve in.  Amos is an Old Testament book and one of the twelve Minor Prophets.  It’s not a book that I would normally study as it seems a bit over my head; however, with Disciplers Bible Studies by Suzie Klein and my Matthew Henry Concise Commentary, I decided to see what God had in store for me.

As I read through this short book, I felt as if I were reading about the world today.  The people were morally and spiritually corrupt.  They were hypocritical in their religious practice.  They had no regard for God.  Amos warned the people that judgment was coming because of their apathy and rebellion.  Although a prophet is not going to vocally say these words to us today, we have God’s Word for instruction and guidance.  God is speaking through His Word and we, as His children, should be listening.  Author Suzie Klein says it so clearly, “God is in control and actively involved in the affairs of individual people and nations.”

We as Christians are responsible for what we know.  “With God, privilege demands responsibility, but the privileged people had not been responsible” Suzie Klein.  We are a privileged people.  We have so much.  We are spoiled with wants and lack very little.  We get what we want with very little wait.  We have knowledge, and we have assets, but what are we doing with what we know and what we have?

  1. We know the gospel.  Do we regularly share it?
  2. We understand how to live.  Do we practice godly living?
  3. We have grown spiritually.  Are we helping someone else to mature in his/her walk with the Lord?
  4. We want America to turn back to God.  Are we willing to be one that will stand and make a difference in this dark world?

“When all seems desperate, he wonderfully revives his church, and blesses her with all spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus.  And great shall be the glory of that period, in which not one good thing promised shall remain unfulfilled.” MHCC

  1. Be encouraged.  God is working.
  2. Read your Bible today.  God is speaking.
  3. Pray faithfully.  God is listening.
  4. Live godly.  God is looking.
  5. Mentor someone.  God is helping.
  6. Receive God’s blessing.  God is giving.

I am one.  You are one.  That makes two.  Let’s make a difference with the power of one today!