Everybody needs a home! One of God’s greatest creations in the garden of Eden was that of the home, meaning a relationship or relationships like no other.  These relationships were sacred and set apart for the glory of God.  You know, everybody needs a home!  As you walk through the pages of the New Testament church you will find at least three homes that a person needed. First, a physical home, second, an eternal home and thirdly a church community home.

Every home has a specific relationship that will fulfill God’s plan and purpose for our existence both here and in eternity.   Let me encourage you today to be thankful for each home you have.  In our modern day, there has been yet another home that has been created for our benefit and spiritual development.  This home is an extension of the Lords local church, it has many different names like Sunday School, Small Groups, Connection Groups, Life Stages and so many other good names.  At Beacon, we call them ABS Groups (Adult Bible Studies Groups) and we have them for every age and every walk of life.  Our drive at Beacon is to have every person belong to an ABS group that they can call their home!  We believe life was designed to be Better Together by our loving creator!

Our hope is that a person will find three main elements in whatever group they join. First, Conversation (Acts 4:31); meaning that every group is focused on the Word of God-hearing it, speaking it and learning to live it.  Second, Connection (Romans 1:12); meaning that as a group we learn to grow together, hurt together, rejoice together as we walk the journey that God has set before us. Thirdly, Community (1 Corinthians 3:9), meaning that through our groups we find a place and purpose to labor together for our Lord in His local church.

Do you have a home? If not, we have one for you here at Beacon!  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or if I can help you find an ABS Group that fits your needs! (ericfoust@beaconbaptist.org)