Some people put a small television in their kitchens. They want something to glance at while they prepare food or wash dishes. People don’t sit on a stool and stare at a TV or watch an entire movie from start to finish while sitting in the kitchen. The television in the kitchen exists to provide updates from the news, cooking shows, or sports. It is there so that while people are cooking or cleaning, they can hear or see a bit of information while they continue what they were doing.

The television in the den is for the full experience. Some people even have home theaters. This is the place where people climb into that big, soft chair and give their full attention sometimes for hours at a time. You will never find a big screen TV in the kitchen. Far too many Christians keep Jesus in the kitchen of their lives. They get a little bit of the Lord every now and then, but He is not a priority. We might pause and give Him momentary attention for a brief period of time before other things beckon our attention. We stop here and there and give Him a little glance, but then it’s off to other things. Is God in your kitchen or in the den? He paid a high price to be first place in your life. He deserves your best, not a passing glance once or twice a week. He deserves your undivided attention. Everything in life is to revolve around Him. If you relegate God to anything less than first place, you have removed Him from what He rightfully deserves. Where is God in your priorities?

Does everything in your life center on Christ? If not, maybe you are spending too much time in the kitchen.