Psalm 128:3 “Thy children like olive plants round about thy table.”

I’ve heard people tell me this about their children — “they’re growing like weeds!” This statement usually implies they are growing up fast, physically speaking. While it is true that they years pass by quickly, the Bible says our children are to grow like an olive plant. What in the world does that mean for us as parents?

Olive plants grow slowly.

The one who cares for an olive plant must be patient as they grow slowly. You ever feel like you’ve trained your child to do the same thing over and over and it hasn’t stuck yet? Have patience, each child is different and their development can be slow and steady. Many olive plants don’t yield their first fruit until after seven or eight years! If you will invest in them regularly as children, by the time they become teenagers, you will begin to reap the reward of your diligence.

Olive plants grow for a long time.

You will find that olive plants will continue to yield fruit for multiple generations, some are as old as 2,000 years! If we will take the time to invest in our children and properly root them in the Word of God, generations to come will continue to reap from the spiritual fruit of their lives.

Olive plants need little supervision.

Once an olive plant takes root, it will require little to no supervision. As we train up our children in the way they should go, they will no longer be dependent on us anymore. Our goal is to help them become individuals who look to the Lord for their strength and purpose!

Olive plants are evergreen.

No matter what season of the year, it will always be flourishing when you view it. We don’t know what the future holds for our children. However, our God is faithful and true. If we train them to keep their eyes and focus on Him, they will be able to endure the many different seasons that life brings and continue to blossom, showing God’s glory!

The psalmist said that the olive plants will be round about thy table.

The olive plant will surround itself with young and vibrant new plants as it continues to age and eventually begin to decay. What a joy to surround yourself with a godly generation of Christians, your children, to carry on for God and His kingdom! The best way to rejoice together is to live for the Lord together!

Take time today and invest in the olive plants the Lord has given you. Be patient and stick to it! In the end, generations to come will benefit because of a godly, faithful generation.