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The Common Cold: A running nose, scratchy throat, nonstop sneezing, lack of oxygen, cannot taste or smell, sinus pressure, chills, nasal congestion, muscle ache, loss of appetite and fatigue. Did I miss anything? The common cold can be a miserable experience. It was about 8 years ago when Rhea and I were Bus captains and … Read More


I love the winter months. It is the best time of the year for several reasons. It ushers in the cool, crisp air, the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas and the New Year, and certainly the Christmas music that starts on Thanksgiving Day. The fond memories of chopping and splitting wood with my … Read More


“Motives don’t matter when it comes to serving God!”Is that true? The Biblical perspective would disagree with this statement because God does want a fuel behind your service for Him and it is clearly expressed in Scripture in one word, “Abib.” The word Abib is mentioned four times in Scripture. Exodus 13:4; 23:15; 34:18 and … Read More