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It was a blistering summer day, and the children were relieved to get off the bus. They crowded together at the door of the air conditioned building. At that moment, a strange grinding sound stopped them and caused them to turn back toward the huge orange bus that was pulling away. One by one, their … Read More


What were you thinking before you opened this blog? Good thoughts? Happy thoughts? Sad thoughts? Worry? Fear? What was on your mind? We hear a lot these days about meditation. My hairdresser told me last time I went that she was going to give yoga meditation classes. She’ll probably have a good number of ladies … Read More


I was putting my salt and pepper shakers away on Sunday when some words I heard many years ago popped into my head. They were not life-changing or even that important. So why would I remember them so clearly? The time was 1967 and I was at a small Bible college. My work assignment was … Read More


Grandmama Reel, as we called her, was a very energetic, hard-working woman. She would get up at 4:00 in the morning and boil a hen for lunch, then put on her wide brim hat and make her way to the chicken coop out back to gather the warm eggs. After that, she would don her … Read More


It was around midnight, but the city was still awake and very much alive. There was some traffic on the streets and people on the sidewalks were talking and laughing as though it were the middle of the day. We were in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on a Sunday night in June. Ricky has spoken in … Read More


It’s nearly spring and time to get out the gardening tools! Some of my earliest memories of my parents include seeing them in the garden, either planting seeds or young plants, hoeing the weeds, or picking the vegetables. So it was a natural thing for them to decide to teach me and my sisters how … Read More