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I enjoy teaching my “Cute Kids” about shadows. My favorite is the story of Peter Pan when he loses his shadow. You know the story. He finds it where he left it, at Wendy’s house. Wendy sews it back on and then she flies with Peter to the 2nd star to the right and on … Read More


One Tuesday afternoon our family was running errands as was the norm in the days that our kids were in elementary school.  After completing an afternoon of errands, we usually ate out.  That was a treat for all of us, especially me, since I’m the cook in the family.  This particular night my husband says, … Read More


I have a few favorite scents.  Mainly I love a clean scent or vanilla.  Both of those are favorites for me.  The smell of clean is refreshing and the smell of vanilla is warm and cozy.  John 12:3 tells us of the scent that filled Mary’s home, “then took Mary a pound of ointment of … Read More


This fall, my husband and I were given a wonderful opportunity. We were asked if we would like to go on a trip to the Holy Land; Israel, God’s land and God’s people. We worked through a couple of conflicts and said, “Yes!” The trip began immediately with wonderful sights, archeological findings and biblical application … Read More


“That’s my stuff, Nana,” I hear Cute Kid # 3 say over and again. Aubrey has discovered a plastic hamburger container with a bun looking lid. She has claimed it as her space and puts small toys in it transporting them all over our house. “That is your stuff” is my response. Aubrey Grace is … Read More


Riley, our oldest grandchild, told Owen, her 1st cousin just this past week, “Owen, my heart was so sad yesterday.” I listened intently as this 5 year old shared her heart with her cousin who is 3 months different in age. How did Riley know to say, “My heart is sad?” I don’t know, but … Read More


“Dr. Nana,” I hear my Cute Kid #1 or #2 say, “My sweetheart needs you.” Role play is immediate upon hearing the voice of one of my Cute Kids. Immediately, I stop what I’m doing to take care of the need of the moment. I put concern in my voice, check the tongue, feel the … Read More


Happy 240th birthday to the United States of America! I love this great country we live in! I stand still and tall while saying the pledge and singing The National Anthem. I love wearing red, white and blue, and I’m proud to be an American. Our home respected the flag, and we taught our children … Read More


As of December 19, 2015 my life would be forever different. Daddy, who was married to my mom for 65 years, who reared me, provided for me until marriage, loved me until the present went home to be with Jesus. Daddy had congestive heart failure and his decline was evident; however, it is difficult to … Read More


“I glued it back together,” Mama will say.  My mom can fix anything with a little bit of glue.  She believes in that stuff.  She will try to glue anything at least once.  One of her foundational statements is, “Doctors even use glue to close up a person after surgery.”  We have laughed for many years about Mama and her … Read More