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My father passed from this life to the next back in January. He had battled dementia for over ten years and took a sudden decline the day after Thanksgiving. He had lived with my sister since my mother’s passing back in 2014. Because we felt going through my mother’s personal belongings at the time would … Read More


We have hope in and through the Lord Jesus Christ.  We know that our Lord died for our sins and was resurrected from the dead.  In Him, we have a victorious hope. I read the story of two brilliant young men in England who were both students at the University of Oxford in the 1740s.  … Read More


Are you passionate about a subject that is a hot topic?  If it’s a topic that you disagree with, your blood begins to boil, your cheeks blush with color, you sit on the edge of your seat and you begin to voice what comes from within.  If it’s a topic that you agree with, excitement … Read More


As we have begun our stewardship emphasis month, I believe that it is very important for each and every member of our church to understand the meaning and importance of personal stewardship.  The word “steward” in the New Testament speaks of one who is given the administration of a master’s household.  A steward oversees the … Read More


by Kevin Hazlett Faith ends where fear begins. This may seem like a bold statement. Yet as believers, we must come to a realization that a fear of anything except a healthy fear of God causes our journey of faith to come to a drastic halt. For God hath not given us the spirit of … Read More


Back in 2002 I flippantly bought one share of AAPL online for a mere twenty bucks. (Apple Computer stock.) Since then, AAPL has had two stock splits, one at 2-for-1, and more recently one at 7-for-1, when AAPL’s price had soared up above $700/share. Today, Apple has since become the world’s first trillion-dollar company, and … Read More


Philippians 4:6 – Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. The story is told of a mother and son who lived in a forest. One day, a tornado roared through the forest. The mother clung to a tree and tried to hold … Read More


“Don’t rock the boat!” had become the philosophy of the elders and people of Israel after the time of Judges had begun. For the last forty years Israel had allowed the Philistines to run over them and ruin them without hardly putting up a fight. Israel needed strength, not the stamina of a Politian or the stoutness … Read More


I love having friends.  It’s so nice to have someone to laugh with, to cry with, to share with and to love.  A friend is someone who is attached to another by affection or esteem.  We use terminology like “She is my best friend,” or we might say, “What kind of a friend are they?”  … Read More


by Kevin Hazlett We define singleness as simply, “without a spouse.” Every adult has at least spent some time in this condition, naturally. Some have never married, while others through whatever circumstances find themselves here. A 2017 study by the Pew Research Center that 42% of American adults live without a spouse or partner. Of … Read More