Carry a Bible message with you on the go.

Listen to preaching from the pulpit of Beacon Baptist Church anytime, anywhere. Just subscribe to the podcast using iTunes or from your mobile device. New sermons are downloaded automatically.  Click the link to visit the Beacon Baptist Church Podcast.



What device do I need?

Apple iTunes is available for any PC or Mac computer.  iTunes enables you to subscribe and download our podcast in mp3 format. The mp3 format enables you to play the podcast on your computer or any portable music device.

How do I subscribe?

From my computer...

Download the free iTunes software. Click the link to visit the Beacon Baptist Church Podcast. Then click the subscribe button in iTunes, and the podcast will be downloaded to your computer.

From my iPhone or iPod Touch...

From the Home Screen, locate the Podcasts app and search for "Beacon Baptist Church".  Scroll to the right or left and look for the podcast and tap Subscribe.

From my other device...

First use iTunes software on the computer and then sync the mp3 files to your portable music device using the appropriate software.